Cost-effective manure cleaning at farm level or biogas plant. Extensive land areas no longer required for animal production.


Container solutions placed on a farm to clean up to 15,000 tons manure per year or more

3-6 € in operational cost per tons manure treated
0.8-1.5 € in operation cost per kg N cleaned
Fiberfraction from separation for biogas, combustion and fertilization

Process step Type Description
1 Separation Mechanical Pre-Treatment First separation of solids and liquid fraction
2 Biological DN1 Pre-Denitrification Nitrate (NO3) to N2 (gas) + COD removal
3 Biological BR1 Aerobic Nitrification 1 COD removal + ammonium (NH4) Nitrate conversion
4 Biological BR2 Aerobic Nitrification 2 COD removal + ammonium Nitrate conversion
5 Biological BR3 Aerobic Nitrification 3 Ammonium Nitrate conversion. Recirculating flow to
6 Biological BR4 Aerobic Nitrification 4 Ammonium Nitrate, Final Polishing
7 Biological DN2 Post-Denitrification Final Nitrate polishing to free N2 gas
8 Filtration Mechanical Post-Treatment Final polishing for TSS, COD and PO4

Manure cleaning for Pigs and Cattle

  • Increased earnings by increasing farm capacity without expansion of farm land.
  • Cost saving for disposal/export of manure by up to 70% of existing costs by reducing nutrient load in manure for spreading on available land – customized solutions.
  • Fast payback of investment with payback period of 2-4 years.
  • Enviromental protection by discharge of environmentally neutral N2 to the atmosphere. No agriculture land required by reducing total-N to < 150 mg/l for discharge to sewerage treatment plants or to < 10 mg/l for discharge into the natural recipient.
  • P-accumulation for re-cycling by mechanical filtration, biological accumulation and/or chemical precipitation – customized solutions.
  • Reduced smell due to turnover of volatile organic and inorganic gasses in closed reactors. Compact solutions with small plant footprints by container solutions form 45 to 135 m2 for 5,000-20,000 tons manure per year. Containers delivered non-insulated for installation inside insulated buildings or insulated for outdoor installation.
  • Proven technology by patented biological waste water treatment technology, based on self-cleaning moving bed bio-reactor technology.
  • Short delivery time from 3 months for container solutions to 6 months for industrial solutions.

Results from ACT pig slurry treatment testplant

ACT cleans to spread on fields, to discharge to municipalities or in streams

Results from annual treatment of 5.000 m3 pig slurry

Parameter Inlet Flow Spreading on field Discharge to municipality Discharge to environment
Total-N, kg 20.000 <1.000 <750 <35
Total-P, kg 13.740 <275 <25 <1
Flow rate, l/h 570 570 570 570
COD, mg/l 9.800 <6.000 <6.000 <6.000
NH4-N, mg/l 3.600 10 10 <1
NO2-N, mg/l 0 10 10 <3
NO3-N, mg/l 0 <200 <150 <3
PO4-P, mg/l 1.200 <55 <5 <0,3
1 2+3+4+5
2 through 8
plus FeCl3
2 to 8 plus
FeCl3 + poly*

* FeCl3 and poly are for fine filtration after adding ferric chloride and polymer.