Cost-effective manure cleaning at farm level or biogas plant. Extensive land areas no longer required for animal production.


Container solutions placed on a farm to clean up to 15,000 tons manure per year or more

3-6 € in operational cost per tons manure treated
0.8-1.5 € in operation cost per kg N cleaned
Fiberfraction from separation for biogas, combustion and fertilization

Process step Type Description
1 Separation Mechanical Pre-Treatment First separation of solids and liquid fraction
2 Biological DN1 Pre-Denitrification Nitrate (NO3) to N2 (gas) + COD removal
3 Biological BR1 Aerobic Nitrification 1 COD removal + ammonium (NH4) Nitrate conversion
4 Biological BR2 Aerobic Nitrification 2 COD removal + ammonium Nitrate conversion
5 Biological BR3 Aerobic Nitrification 3 Ammonium Nitrate conversion. Recirculating flow to
6 Biological BR4 Aerobic Nitrification 4 Ammonium Nitrate, Final Polishing
7 Biological DN2 Post-Denitrification Final Nitrate polishing to free N2 gas
8 Filtration Mechanical Post-Treatment Final polishing for TSS, COD and PO4

Manure cleaning for Pigs and Cattle

  • Increased earnings by increasing farm capacity without expansion of farm land.
  • Cost saving for disposal/export of manure by up to 70% of existing costs by reducing nutrient load in manure for spreading on available land – customized solutions.
  • Fast payback of investment with payback period of 2-4 years.
  • Enviromental protection by discharge of environmentally neutral N2 to the atmosphere. No agriculture land required by reducing total-N to < 150 mg/l for discharge to sewerage treatment plants or to < 10 mg/l for discharge into the natural recipient.
  • P-accumulation for re-cycling by mechanical filtration, biological accumulation and/or chemical precipitation – customized solutions.
  • Reduced smell due to turnover of volatile organic and inorganic gasses in closed reactors. Compact solutions with small plant footprints by container solutions form 45 to 135 m2 for 5,000-20,000 tons manure per year. Containers delivered non-insulated for installation inside insulated buildings or insulated for outdoor installation.
  • Proven technology by patented biological waste water treatment technology, based on self-cleaning moving bed bio-reactor technology.
  • Short delivery time from 3 months for container solutions to 6 months for industrial solutions.