Experts in onsite self-cleaning MBBR technology

Aqua Cleantech combines experience with onsite biological treatment of farm-based animal manure and industrial heavy-duty process water with knowledge about the bacteria cleaning process within aqua culture.

Jens Ole Olesen, Senior Advisor, Ph.D., in Aqua Cleantech, is the inventor of the continuous self-cleaning moving bed bio-reactor technology (MBBR) for biological cleaning, which was patented in 2014.

Since 1993 Jens Ole Olesen has been an expert within bacteria cleaning processes in aqua culture using MBBR technology.

In 2001 Jens Ole Olesen expanded the technology to successfully maintaining constant performance of biological treatment of industrial heavy-duty process water.

Starting 2010 further technological developments made it possible to offer solutions for biological cleaning of animal manure on location.

Aqua Cleantech has a strategic partnership with Piet Visscher, Visscher Mechanisatie B.V., who is an expert within separators.

Aqua Cleantech has a business relationship with Assentoft Silo, who has profound knowledge about steel constructions – especially welded and bolted steel tanks and silos.

Aqua Cleantech ApS and Assentoft Silo A/S are owned by the same investor group.