Advantages of the Aqua Cleantech technology

  • Economical/environmental advantages by savings in transportation costs.
  • Large scale production possible
  • Independence from agriculture land
  • Reduction in smell impact
  • Disposal of excess waste water
  • No transport of manure away from the farm

End products

  • Environmentally neutral atmospheric nitrogen, N2 returned to natural cycle.
  • Environmentally neutral carbon dioxide, CO2, from bacterial respiration returned to natural cycle.
  • Phosphorus rich sludge with > 95% dissolved P precipitated or biologically assimilated.
  • Organic sludge from bacterial biomass production.
Treated water discharget to: N-outlet p-outlet
Environment < 10 mg/l <0.1-0.3mg/l
Sewage plant < 150mg/l 0.1-10 mg/l
Crop fertilization According to Derogatie or EU-Directive Atmosphere by evaporation